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Breakdown Service 7d/7 - Plumbing Locksmithery Glaziery Blinds and Shutters Electricity


ACTIF ASSISTANCE guaranties an irreproachable behavior during the interventions, since the first contract up to end of the mission. This way of approaching our work is the guaranty to gain the loyalty of our clients and to sustain our image regarding quality and seriousness. Quality Charter


  • With the clients, the technician is nice, smiling and wears a uniform incorporating the logo of the company.
  • The work is performed in due time.
  • We take care of the intervention places which will remain in a perfect state after the end of the works.
  • An estimate is systematically delivered if the price of the intervention exceeds the amount of 152,44 euros TTC.
  • The invoicing is "clear" and abides by the price level recommanded by ACTIF ASSISTANCE. A detailed invoice is provided to the client so that he can control each aspect.
  • After an intervention, the labor is guaranteed during 6 months, unless otherwise specified in the agreement.
  • Any claim from clients will lead to an immediate response.
  • In his behavior, each technician promotes the image and the prestige of ACTIF ASSISTANCE as well as its network.
  • The precise advice brought to the client according to the situation and the facilities must contribute to alert about any potential, predictable problem related to the works.

Intervention Guarantee

All the interventions, except those of opening and clearing, are guaranteed 90 days and 180 days.

Guaranty works and Garantie travaux et chantiers

Any work, worksite, embellishment, renovation, etc, is covered by the third-party insurance contract et by the 10-year insurance of ACTIF ASSISTANCE depending on the nature of the works.

Invoicing Guarantee

Clear prices without any surprise. The interventions are charged according to a predefined price tag.

Quickness and Efficiency

Thanks to a strategic settlement, an Actif Assurance agency is always close to your home or premises. Our car fleet allows us to intervene as soon as possible!


ACTIF ASSITANCE, a new vision for the habitat service.

ACTIF ASSISTANCE provides private individuals and companies with a global solution to cope with the daily worries of the accomodation by federating the whole set of knowledge regarding the works on your appartment, house or premises( plumber, electrician, plasterer, heating engineer, joiner or carpenter, locksmith, glazier...).

For the private individuals, ACTIF ASSISTANCE proposes a multiservices solution which puts an end to the worries related to your accomodation, erasing any fear which tends to complicate your daily life.

For companies, ACTIF ASSISTANCE avoid you to search for professionals regarding maintenance and repairing works required for the normal working of your office or premises. ACTIF ASSISTANCE allows companies to focus on what they do best.


ACTIF ASSISTANCE proposes a global offer in any service of the habitat. To meet this requirement, ACTIF ASSISTANCE intervenes with skilled and qualified technicians to cope with breakdown service or installation needs for any breakdown or sinister. ACTIF ASSISTANCE proposes a set of repairing, maintenance and renovation services as well.

Breakdown Service- Repairing

Available 7 days a week, ACTIF ASSISTANCE proposes an emergency response in the semi day. But because some breakdowns are worst than others: significant water leak (engendering the immediate degrading of the habitat) or gas leak, power failure, door opening. ACTIF ASSISTANCE guarantees an intervention within the hour.


The Heating Maintenance Contract ACTIF ASSISTANCE allows private individuals and companies to benefit from indispensable guarantees to take advantagge of a quality heating at crucial times in the year.

The Heating Maintenance Contract ACTIF ASSISTANCE includes:
  • A yearly visit by qualified specialists.
  • The free and illimited breakdown service (labor and displacement) the whole year on the heating device. Only the changed parts are charged.
  • Intervention in priority 7 days a week.
  • Intervention within the half-day for all the total heating failures.
  • Lending of extra heating device depending on your needs.

The Heating Maintenance Contract, that's for all the best guarantees to benefit from a warm and comfortable house.


Transformation, arrangement, decoration...With ACTIF ASSISTANCE, private individuals and companies can undertake all the renovation works. ACTIF ASSISTANCE takes charge of the whole work: arrangement, planning, bathroom installation, rehabilitation or arrangement of a new office...

With ACTIF ASSURANCE, private individuals and companies benefit from a unique interlocutor who advises them and coordinates the whole work. This unique interlocutor is the best guarantee to ensure the control of the labor quality, the respect of time limits and estimates. We remain at the disposal of the client.

Experience and Quality

The Actif Assistance technicians have been rigorously selected depending on their know-how, their responsability and their different professional experiences. They will address your problems efficiently.

Quickness and Efficiency

Thanks to our strategic positioning, an Actif Assistance agency is always close to you. Our car fleet allows us to intervene in due time!

Availability and Simplicity

A hotline is available 7d/7 and 24h/24, 365 days/year to address your problems related to plumbing, locksmithery, heating, electricity, glaziery, masonry or sewage network and to answer your questions. In the daily situations as well as in the emergency situations, we'll be in a position to act with professionalism, rigour and reactivity.

You need a builder, a plumber, a glazier, an electrician, a heating engineer, a plasterer or a carpenter, our technicians are here to help you and to advise you. We'll orientate you toward the best suited solution to your needs.

We intervene in Villeneuve Loubet, Cagnes sur mer, Nice, Antibes... in the Alpes Maritimes.

Don't hesitate to contact us : Phone : 04 93 395 395

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